Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 99: Who is that lady?

Today I had some firsts. Specifically,my first time getting hit on since I've been bald. It actually took me a little while to figure out what was going on. I was in a diner, by myself, and this guy kept moving tables until he was sitting at the one closest to me. Then the attempted come on started. I was a little confused. And then I was flattered, when normally I would have been annoyed. I also got an "I like your style" from one of the cafeteria employees at work today. I guess it's true what they say--to each his own.

As an aside before we get to more firsts, I am also a total convert to acupuncture now. I feel so much better after I go, and each time I tell myself that it might be a coincidence, or the time passed since the infusion. But after 4 attempts, I think it has to just be that it works. So now I need to figure out a way to still get it for free (Northwestern charges $800 for each session!) after my freebies expire at the end of the month. It sounds like insurance might pay for it if I can prove that other pain management didn't work. Why do they assume people do acupuncture just for pain? Oh well, it's worked for that for me, as well as for insomnia and fatigue.

Now on to the picture, my second first of the day. Who is that lady? Doesn't that look like Katy's old hair?

Oh wait. That IS Katy's old hair. And one of Katy's hats. Can you imagine how much Gabe cried when I "tried on" my hair today?

And oddly, I wanted to cry too. Not out of happiness or sentimentality, but because that hair doesn't seem that different than the wigs to me. I'm used to my bald self now. But it is pretty neat to have my hair back, even if it's not attached to my head. Maybe I can jut go easy on myself and be the old Katy for Halloween. That seems better than my other idea, which was to don a catholic school girl uniform and go as Britney Spears. Time for another vote?


  1. To clarify, I meant that I would go as nutty Britney, after she shaved her head. Because otherwise my option seemed to be the bald star trek lady, and Gabe was way too excited about that idea.

  2. Old Katy is my favorite superhero. Cape optional.

  3. Ya' see???!!! Now confirmed by strange diner guy ... YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL with or without your gorgeous red hair! It's all about your styyyllle. (Do I get to say "I toldjda so"? Nah, that'd be silly.)

    You, my friend, should go as whatever makes you laugh on Halloween. Personally, I like Superhero Katy, too.

    Love your smile, through it all.

    Love, K

  4. I tried to post last night but the internet ate it.

    I vote for you to be a TRANSFORMER for Halloween babe because you've got the look. You can fulfill the scifi nerd's dream with the bald head, toss on the elegant stylish long wig for the romantic or the perky short hair wig for some sassy effect or just don dear old Katy hair with a fancy hat. You look good whichever look you care to sport, and that's exactly what I think you should do. While it's warm stay bald and flaunt it; when Fall brings a chill to your scalp then you'll be wanting something to keep your head warm and you'll be able to play mistress of the wigs!

    The Katy I most want to see, though, is decrepit white haired 85 year old Katy, arthritis, crotchety old fogeyisms and all. There's no rush to get there though - we'll get through this frustrating, isolating, harrowing and scary detour and enjoy being young together for as long as we can.

  5. Geoff and I both think Crazy Brittany is an awesome idea. If you're up for it, I say do SOME sort of bald character. Since the bald is just temporary, this is your big chance, right? Unless you're planning on keeping your head shaved once your hair starts growing back? (That would make Cafeteria Guy's day.)