Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 49 (I think?)

Well I'm done with my second surgery though I'm pretty out of it right now. I had to do general anesthesia again because supposedly Northwestern had a shortage of the twilight anesthesia, which doesn't make much sense considering my surgery was in the first group of the day at 7 am. So I'm shaky and out of breath, toes tingling, nauseous, headache. Kind of annoyed at the hospital at this point. We will find out my pathology next week, and as far as I know I will be starting chemo on July 7, assuming I pass the heart test that's required for AC. I have the surgical bra on again so I have no idea how much she scooped out. At least for now, I still have both breasts!


  1. Glad to hear you're past this hurdle. I hope you're getting some rest and are more comfortable this time! Love, Becky

  2. Well since I saw the surgeon after the procedure, I can state how much she says she took out: "There wasn't much there in the lateral margin so I took out everything I could. I also took out some more near each of the close margins on the superior and deep margins."

    Best thing about surgery this time: In at 6 AM, out before noon - half the time of the previous round.

    Worst thing about surgery this time around: Besides having to do it again, the expectation that Katy would be going under "twilight" anaesthesia but instead being put under general because there's a nationwide shortage of Propofol?! You would think the doctors knew this and could have told us BEFORE the procedure?


  3. Love you, Katy. Thanks for the update. We're thinking a lot about you, and I hope you're out of the anesthesia effects soon.

    We'll be in Chicago July 15-16-17. I'm sure you have no idea what life will be like on those particular days but I would love to come visit you, if at all possible.

    Love, K

  4. Wow, A year later... The uncertainty and fear of chemotherapy; the relief after this second surgery to have clean margins and no sign of cancer in the additional tissue removed in this surgery. The brief respite about to come to us Up North before enduring the exhausting nasty part of the cancer treatment protocol.

    I remember bringing the kids home and trying to keep them quiet so you could recuperate, and Augie especially seeming to sense the unusual significance of Mommy in the dark in her room. They both seemed to weather these circumstances so well. and Katy - now that you endured and recovered from the rest of the chemotherapy and radiation, almost as good as new, just missing so much of the year in between then and now.

  5. I came across this tonight and it reminded me of the delayed allergic reaction you had after your second surgery - but you didn't have any dye to identify lymph nodes right?

    Still, maybe this link will help someone else coming here.

    Coming up on 2 years cancerversary now... Thinking back to then seems like a bad dream. But in ways we are stronger now, and unexpectedly so.

    I love you,