Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 978: We Saw Your Boobs

I didn't watch the Oscars, but I heard about this song. I just watched the clip. Now, I laughed my ass off during the hotel room fight scene in Ted, but Seth MacFarlane is just a dumbass for this one. So, next time, I say they hire me to host the Oscars. Because if rape is funny (aw yeah, we got to see Jodie Foster's boobs in The Accused! When she was being gang raped in a bar--hilarious!), so is cancer. Any of my BC sisters willing to do a montage for this? You know I'd do it.

We Saw Your Boobs (Breast Cancer Version)

By Katy Jacob

In the radiology suite, we saw your boobs! (smoosh, yank, ow!)
Something wasn’t right, so we kept compression tight
And sent the doctor in to give the news!
With a seven inch long needle we jabbed your boobs!
You cried because you always liked them,
Never really planned to fight them,
But oh well, then in surgery we saw your boobs! Wait, boob!
Uh oh it looks like that one has no more boobs.
In the nursery your baby saw your boobs!
You could no longer feed him with those boobs.
Your friends looked away, your man promised to stay,
Everyone says you’re more than just your boobs!
In plastic surgery we saw your boobs!
We couldn’t give you nipples, the numbness is but a ripple
Cause now you’ve got bigger better (kinda) boobs!
Now time is running short, but at least we can see your port,
The burns, tattoos and scars across your boobs.
They’re lopsided or they’re gone,
There’s something really really wrong,
In this new world with death hidden in your boobs.

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