Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 880: I'm Aware That it's October

Before I do something crazy like become a complete recluse who refuses to leave the house due to the barrage of pink that will be thrust into my face, all cloying and infuriating in what used to be my favorite month of the year, I felt that it would help to remind myself and others that October has many meanings that have nothing to do with breasts, or cancer, or controversial charities, or my potential premature death.

October is the national month of many things in the United States. I thought that maybe I would opine on each of these, allowing you to see that the answers that most breast cancer survivors give you about "how October makes them feel" are simply vomited out of their mouths to get you to stop talking, because, really, these phrases that we as a society use to talk about breast cancer without really saying anything useful can stand for anything.

Here's to October, national...

Vegetarian Month: I feel that it is important to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. If you do this, nothing bad can happen to you--ever. It's like a law.

Anti-Bullying Awareness Month: Listen, regardless of what anyone says, you are beautiful (anyway). Be strong. Have hope. Kick ass.

LGBT History Month: Sexuality is not a sin. However, being unsafe or irresponsible in sexual situations can have disastrous consequences. Make sure your partner takes on his/her share of the birth control/STD-prevention burden. People have fought for the right to love any type of body they choose, so don't be an asshole and run away because there are some unavoidable flaws in the mix. Oh, and having gone through this struggle together will make you stronger as a couple.

Arts and Humanities Month: Knowledge is power; the earlier the better. So read. Or, maybe, get a tattoo.

Pork Month: There is nothing wrong with being "other."

Clergy Appreciation Month: Many, many people are praying for you. Also, if ever there was a time for God, it's now.

Pregnancy Loss and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Some losses are just too painful to contemplate. No, you do not know how I feel, and no, it is not for the best.

Filipino American History Month. Are you aware that the vast majority of people in the world are Asian, and that more than two countries are involved in that calculation? Perhaps we need more awareness campaigns, so people can begin to tell the difference among things that they think they know some shit about.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: It's not your fault. We need to get to the root cause.

Cyber Security Awareness Month: There are some really crazy people out there who google things like "hot skinny bald chicks with scars." Avoid these people.

Fair Trade Month. Life is unfair. But attitude is everything.

Dwarfism Awareness Month. Note to the Month people: I don't think this is the accepted term anymore. Regardless, it is your soul, your humor, your intelligence, that matters. The fact that total strangers will turn away in fear or hide their children's eyes from you when you are running errands should not matter to you one bit. Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

Auto Battery Safety Month: Regular exams and routine maintenance are the keys to survival.

And of course, for all of these issues, two other things are true.

Someone somewhere is making money off of this.

And, we need more research.

Happy October!

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